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Client: A leading insurance carrier specializing in innovative and flexible employee benefits solutions.

Assignment: Provide comprehensive enterprise communications technology management including

  • Evaluation of current telecommunications functionality;
  • Review and advice on matters pertaining to the purchase and deployment of telecommunications equipment & services;
  • Recommendation of new, business affecting solutions and advice on the impact of future trends;
  • Design and implementation of a new call center and re-design of an existing call center including workflow, call routing and agent reporting;
  • Effective ongoing management of telecommunications ecosystem evolution including: regional sales office additions and moves, vendor changes, implementation of new business applications as well as changes to existing business applications.

Result: DTS provides the client with the necessary expertise and analysis at a fraction of the cost of a full time telecommunications director. Our client has felt the benefit of DTS’s expertise with both operational improvements and financial savings. While this impact continues to be ongoing, some of the documented improvements thus far include:

  • Saving 10K annually on system maintenance services
  • Saving 64K annually thru reconfiguration of local voice and data network services
  • Saving 120K annually via RFP by changing Long Distance carriers
  • Saved 42K in FY2005 and 30K in FY 2006 by changing procurement practices for systems

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